Jessamyn's Corner

UB Live: Yoga for a Cause

This Saturday at 3pm EST join us @mynameisjessamyn for an IGlive yoga class to raise money to #FreeBlackMamas for #MothersDay! Find out more about this incredible cause and join us on the mat for a Mother's Day weekend class to honor the nurturing capacity inside all of us. Show up, look within and find yourself.  This year, @NationalBailOut is fundraising with 26 orgs to #FreeBlackMamas in 27 cities & 19 states! You can’t practice social distancing inside a cage — for #MothersDay, help #FlattenTheCurve by donating to pay bail for mamas being held in cages during the #covid19 crisis because they can’t afford bail! #FreeBlackMamas  As a result of misogynoir,...

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Quarantine & Yoga

Hello my love, I don’t know about you, but Coronavirus and the accompanying quarantine feel like a stress test for my yoga practice. It’s requiring that I look within myself for the calm and stability that isn’t being reflected from the outside world. I’m being asked to exercise patience and submission, two things which I generally find to be hard as fuck to come by. Usually, when I’m asked to be patient and submit, I want to cry like a child. I want to stomp my feet and fold my arms over my chest. But just like any young person...

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