Daily Affirmations Papers - The Underbelly x Papers + Ink Studio


Custom printed organic rolling papers kit

We’ve collaborated with Papers and Ink to create 3 different beautiful kits.

        • Daily Affirmations: A surprise mix pack of 6 affirmations. Roll one and breathe in all the self-love. Certainly a necessary ritual of your day. Kits contain a variety of affirmations:

                     ----You are worthy of love
        •            ----You are enough
        •            ----You are limitless
        •            ----You are powerful
        •            ----Take up space
        •            ----Your voice is needed

        • Cat + Cow: A cheeky nod to the traditional yoga poses but in the fun bright colors of the Underbelly community, surely to make you relax and smile.

        • Hybrid full kit (cat/cow + affirmations) We love a hybrid! Combining the best of both worlds. Can’t decide which one to get, get the hybrid pack and experience all the Underbelly love.

      • ***Bonus***:  First 100 full kits receive a custom made acrylic packing tool! The acrylics used are repurposed excess made from off-cast acrylic from a shop in Durham, NC and therefore will be your hands and not the landfills.

      Premium full kit

          • Organic unbleached rolling papers
          • 15 king sized sheets printed with non-toxic vegetable based colorings
          • 15 smart slim ultra premium filters 
          • Multi-functional packing tool 
          • How to roll guide
          • Soft, smooth, slow-burning

      New mini pak

          • Organic unbleached rolling papers
          • 5 king sized sheets printed with non-toxic vegetable based colorings
          • 5 smart slim ultra premium filters 
          • Soft, smooth, slow-burning
          • Mix + Match mini paks for more pattern play