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Bia Candle Co

Honeydew Me - Bia Candle Co

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We are BIG fans of Bia Candles over here at UB, and for good reason. They are simple, sweet, amazing gifts too give and get, and great for intention setting for any practice. We know you will love them.

Petite Candle, 20hr burn time

Honeydew Me is an aquatic, dewy mix of fruity and juicy!

Honeydew melon and waterlilies are the heart of this scent.

Tart apple adds freshness.

Champagne makes it radiant and effervescent.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is so luxurious I can’t stand it -JANIE

This scent is fresh, feminine, fruity, sexy! You can't go wrong with this crowd pleaser. It uplifts any mood and makes you smile. Think of a sunny, summer spa day!