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The Underbelly x Dope Ropes Cardio 2.0 Jump Rope

The Underbelly x Dope Ropes Cardio 2.0 Jump Rope

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We’ve partnered up with the best of the Jump Rope biz to bring an accessible, durable, high quality jump rope. The Dope Rope Cardio 2.0 is ideal for all experience levels and is a particularly good option as an entry level jump rope for anyone wanting to get into Jump Rope as a form of cardio and to simply try it out!

Featuring UB color spin, you will be sure to find play within your own wellness practice. 

The rope features unbreakable handles and a 5mm PVC cord with a string core adjustable to any height. The 5mm spec gives the rope enough weight to give a good amount of feel and feedback.  This is super important to allow beginners a better road to success when starting their jump rope journey. The weight of the rope is designed to give a good cardio workout and works as a great option for intermediate and advanced jumpers too!  The PVC material cuts through the air more than a beaded rope of a similar weight and so is a great option for some added speed and double unders. Overall, an affordable and durable all round fitness rope to keep up those home workouts!

We can’t wait for you to try it out.

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